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Other curricular activities:-

Curricular Activity:-

Lecture, Seminar, Assessment, unit test, orientation visit, IC, GC, Field Work Seminar, Rural Camp, Study tour, one month block placement training programme, viva-voce on field work and research project, evaluation of theory and field work and research project.

Co-curricular activity :-

Group discussion on current issues, skill lab, spot reading, extra classes, workshop, film show, paper clipping, field work agency meeting, learning supportive activity such as case study, women problems etc.

Extra -curricular activity:-

Extension activity, students participation in competitive exam, essay and debate etc, alumni meeting, street play, cultural activity, felicitated of students i.e. 100 % attendance awards, debate competition etc. SC-ST cell, employment guidance cell felicitated of faculty etc. personnel counseling for weaker students, parent meeting and various dev programmes.