Other curricular activities:-

Curricular Activity:-

Lecture, Seminar, Assessment, unit test, orientation visit, IC, GC, Field Work Seminar, Rural Camp, Study tour, one month block placement training programme, viva-voce on field work and research project, evaluation of theory and field work and research project.

Photograph of extension activities
Students Seminar & Group Discussion and role play
field work placement
Cross Cutting issues

Sr. No. Internship Link
01 Ganesh Bhosale Internship Link
02 Bodhwad Anand Link
03 chormale seema Link
04 Chaudhari Rajani Link
05 Dhaigude Meghana Link
06 Fande Manesh Link
07 Gaikwad parmeshwar Link
08 Galphade Deepak Link
09 Gandhale krushna Link
10 Gaisamudre krushna Link
11 Gupta shubham Link
12 Guthe Mukta Link
13 Jadhav shivkanya Link
14 kadam Navnath Link
15 kale uttam Link
16 kamble priyadarshini Link
17 Mule Hemant kumar Link
18 Neharkar omkesh Link
19 Nirde Atul Link
20 Pawar Pooja Link
21 rathod Kapil Link
22 Rathod Komal Link
23 Rathod Pooja Link
24 Raut Digambar Link
25 Salve Sarika Link
26 Sushma Sarwade Link
27 Sawant Suwarna Link
28 Shaikh Aijaj Link
29 Shirsat Anna Link
30 Samadhan Shirsat Link
31 Sonwane Mayur Link
32 Tandale Akshay Link
33 Tarkase Pallavi Link
34 Tupsamudre Satish Link
35 Dipali Ukkande Link
36 Yande Vaishnavi Link

Co-curricular activity :-

Group discussion on current issues, skill lab, spot reading, extra classes, workshop, film show, paper clipping, field work agency meeting, learning supportive activity such as case study, women problems etc.

Extra -curricular activity:-

Extension activity, students participation in competitive exam, essay and debate etc, alumni meeting, street play, cultural activity, felicitated of students i.e. 100 % attendance awards, debate competition etc. SC-ST cell, employment guidance cell felicitated of faculty etc. personnel counseling for weaker students, parent meeting and various dev programmes.

Day Celebration
Sr. No. Title Link
01 Day Celebration 2021-22 Link
02 Day Celebration 2020-21 Link
03 Day Celebration 2019-20 Link
04 Day Celebration 2018-19 Link
05 Day Celebration 2017-18 Link

Institutional efforts constitutional values

Extension and Outreach Activities
Sr. No. Extension and Outreach Activities Link
01 Extension and Outreach Activities 2021-2022 Link
02 Extension and Outreach Activities 2020-2021 Link
03 Extension and Outreach Activities 2019-2020 Link
04 Extension and Outreach Activities 2018-2019 Link
05 Extension and Outreach Activities 2017-2018 Link

Activities related to Pulse Polio and HIV awareness

Webinar /Workshop /Seminar : 2021-2022
Sr. No. Webinar /Workshop /Seminar Date Link
01 Workshop on Domestic violence and counseling 25.07.2021 Link
02 National Webinar on People's Movement 14.09.2021 Link
03 National Webinar on People's Movement in Marathwada Liberation 17.09.2021 Link
04 National Webinar on Social adjustment of autistic children a challenge 25.09.2021 Link
05 National Webinar on People's movement in village development should be implemented 02.10.2021 Link
06 National Webinar on Care and Protection of Elderly people in society. 13.10.2021 Link
07 National Webinar on Simple science of understanding and use of Ground water. 16.10.2021 Link
08 National Webinar on Youth and Mental Health 23.10.2021 Link
09 National Webinar on The role of Kisanputra Andolan and today's farmer 27.10.2021 Link
10 National Webinar on dependence to self-reliance 13.11.2021 Link
11 One day workshop on gender sensitization 27.11.2021 Link
12 Workshop on counseling skill and therapeutic intervention 23/24-12.2021 Link
13 National level online workshop on intellectual property rights 16.02.2022 Link

Webinar /Workshop /Seminar : 2020-2021
Sr. No. Webinar /Workshop /Seminar Date Link
01 National Webinar on Challenges Before Social Work in Pandemic situation 30.09.2019 Link
02 National Webinar on Youth and Health Care in The Time of Covid 19 Action and Change 15.02.2020 to 16.02.2020 Link
03 National Webinar on Present Social Movements: Nature and Direction 04.03.2020 Link
04 National Webinar on Learning and knowledge gaining became challenge during Covid-19 22.09.2020 Link
05 National Webinar on Present Status of Unorganized Labors and Challenges, 03.10.2020 Link
06 National Webinar on The Impact on New National Education Policy 2020 of Rural Students in Higher Education 03.10.2020 Link
07 National Webinar on Stress and Coping Strategies 20.10.2020 Link
08 State Level Webinar on The Programme for Primary Prevention of sexual violence 27.10.2020 Link
09 National Webinar on Changes in water Issues and challenges 04.11.2020 Link
10 National Webinar on Employment opportunities and Self Employment scheme 10.11.2020 Link
11 One Day Webinar on NAAC Assessment and Accreditation process 25.02.2021 Link
12 One Day Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights 02.03.2021 Link
13 National Webinar on Anti-superstition and Black Magic Act and The Role of ANIS in social Movements in Maharashtra 20.03.2021 Link

Webinar /Workshop /Seminar : 2019-2020
Sr. No. Webinar /Workshop /Seminar Date Link
01 one day national workshop on peoples participation in water management 30.09.2019 Link
02 Two Days National Workshop on "Research Methodology" 15.02.2020 to 16.02.2020 Link
03 one day workshop on Sustainable development and social responsibility 04.03.2020 Link

Webinar /Workshop /Seminar : 2018-2019
Sr. No. Webinar /Workshop /Seminar Date Link
01 one day national seminar on youth and water literacy 05.02.2019 Link

Webinar /Workshop /Seminar : 2017-2018
Sr. No. Webinar /Workshop /Seminar Date Link
01 Workshop on gender and sexuality 20.09.2017 Link
02 workshop on counselling 26.09.2017 Link
03 one day workshop on "Education and Social Work" 14.03.2018 Link