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Employment Guidance Cell:-

In our college employment guidance cell is working since 1999 from the beginning of the college. Our college is located in rural area; its aim is to trained students to deal with various social problems and to develop professional skills in them and to enhance their quality and give exposure to them to build their confidence to survive in this competitive age. In rural areas there are no facilities of news papers and magazines which gave information about employment opportunities and career guidance. Hence our college started employment guidance cell to make know the students about employment opportunities by displaying on notice board all the advertisement related to employment and career opportunities. Simultaneously this cell is also helps the Alumni’s to get employment in various agencies and NGOs by arranging campus interviews.
We are happy to say that after completion of course in the last five years 74 % students have got employment in various fields of govt., semi Govt. and NGOs etc. and remaining students are self employed.

List of Alumni’s Job placement of the academic year 2015.2016
Sr.No. Job placement No. of students %
1 Government agencies 1 2.63%
2 Semi Government 0 0.00%
3 N.G.O. 22 57.89%
4 Self employed 1 2.63%
Total 38 63.16%