"Parivartan Prakalp-Satephal"- A Action Project by College


  • to promotes the scientific agriculture practices to transform the agriculture in to profitable occupation
  • To use an integrated multi-sectoral approach focusing on practical intervention
  • To apply the best science, knowledge and experience available.
  • To encourage the community leadership and mobilize the people for development of the village.
  • To meet basic health, basic education, shelter, gender equality, clean environment and
  • The context:-

    Manavlok has visualized to setup an ideal village having its own identity in integrated development. The utilization of existing resources and initiatives of the people for integrated rural development would be central areas of intervention/ with the initiatives of the villagers, Manavlok has started working with village Satephal. Village Satephal is 10 km away from Ambajogai town, having 1124 population. There are 209 families in the village and the average size of family is 5-6 people. the economy of the villages is based on the agriculture practices and agric allied occupations. The village is having 565.39 ha land. This land is owned by 434 individuals out of them are large farmers-5 medium farmers-49 small -145 and marginal farmers-235.
    This is joint venture of Manavlok and its educational wing, Manavlok’s college of social sciences. We believe that an approved model of a village development cannot be imposed on another village due to different inherent characteristics of the village in terms of socio-economic and cultural aspects to understand the inherent geography, socio-economic and cultural aspects. Therefore participatory rural appraisal methods employed in the village. On the basis of the PRA outcome the action components for intervention decided.