M.S.W. Course Structure :
    Sem – I Sem - II Sem – III Compulsory Paper Sem – IV Compulsory Paper
    CC: Development of Social Profession CC: Working with Community CC: Integrated Social Work Practice CC: Social Policy and Social Development
    CC: Working with Individuals CC: Administration of Welfare and Developmental Services CC: Counseling Theory and Practice CC: Social Work Personnel: Training and Development
    CC: Working with Group CC: Social Work Research FC: Law and Social work
    FC: Human Development and Behaviour
    FC: Basic Social Sciences
    EC : Select any one from list of Elective I
    ECSW- 01) Family and Child Welfare

    ECSW-02) Youth Development

    ECSW-03) Social work with Aged

    ECSW-04) Contemporary Ideologies of Social Work
    EC : Select any two from list of Elective II

    ECSW - 05) Problems of Differently Challenged and Intervention

    ECSW - 06) Women And Development
    ECSW - 07) Welfare And Development of Weaker Section

    ECSW - 08) Crime And Correctional Administration.

    ECSW - 09) Communication for Social Work Practice

    EC : Select any two from list of Elective III

    ECSW - 10) Social Work Practice in the field of Health

    ECSW - 11) Social Work Practice in the field of Mental Health

    ECSW - 12) Population and Environment

    ECSW - 13) Human Resource Development

    ECSW - 14) Disaster Management

    ECSW - 15) Personal and Professional Growth

    EC : Select any two from list of Elective IV

    ECSW - 16) Rural Community Development

    ECSW - 17) Urban Society and Urban Governance

    ECSW - 18) Social Work in Industry

    ECSW - 19) Tribal Anthropology and Social Work

    ECSW - 20) Social Work with Special Groups

    ECSW - 21) Political Economy and Development

    CC - 03, FC - 02, EC -01 = 06 Theory Courses CC - 03, EC -02 = 05 Theory Courses CC - 02, FC - 01, EC -02 = 05 Theory Courses CC - 02, FC - 01, EC -02 = 05 Theory Courses
    Social Work Practicum–I

    LSA I - Case Presentation / Book review/Semi nor
    Social Work Practicum – II

    LSA II - Base Line Survey / PRA/ Practical Assignment
    Social Work Practicum – III Research Project

    LSA III - Outreach Activity on Electives/ Seminar/ Case Study
    Social Work Practicum – IV Research Project

    LSA IV - Research outline Presentation/ Issue Base Seminar/ Surprise Test Block Placement (vocational training)
    Sem I Credits – 25 Sem II Credits – 23 Sem III Credits – 26 Sem I Credits - 30

    Total Credits         I         II         III         IV
                             25         23         26       30
    Total 104

    CC : Core Course FC : Foundation Course EC : Elective Course ECSW- 01 to ECSW -21

  • College Timing :- 10-25 am to 4-30 pm
  • Prayer & Attendance :- 10-20 to 10-30 am
  • Khadi Uniform:- Wearing khadi is compulsory for student, faculties and other nonteaching staff on Monday and Thursday.
  • Shramdan:- Shramadan is one of the extra activity conducted in the college on every Thursday. Teaching, Non-teaching staff and students have to compulsory participate in ‘Shramdan’.
Orientation Visits :

Orientation visits is a compulsory activity organized in the beginning of the 1st and 3rd semester. To give exposure of various welfare and developmental service organizations to the students the orientation visits are arranged. It is aimed to provide an exposure and understanding of the services provided in response to people’s needs. The objective of this orientation visits is to orient the student about structures and functions of various govt. and non govt. agencies. Minimum seven orientation visit in 1st semester and minimum 05 orientation visits based on the elective course in 3rd semester.

Concurrent Field Work :

Concurrent fieldwork is an ongoing central learning opportunity, to develop understanding and intervention skills among students in reality situations. Field work is an internal part of training in social work. Students shall be placed in appropriate agency / field work concurrent field work and she / he shall have to put in 15 hours of field work per week including individual conference, Group conference and Report writing etc. Minimum 5 hours exposure of concurrent field work on each field work day shall be arranged for.

Academic programme
Communication Skills :

In this exercise a group of students shall select a theme with social work approach and compose a script and present it to communicate selected messages aimed at to bring about desired changes in mindsets of targeted section of community.

Rural Camp/Extension Work :

Rural camp is compulsory 5 days activity for MSW IInd Semester students. In this camp provides opportunities to experiences rural life, analize rural dynamics and observe the local self government and voluntary organizations. It also helps develop skill carry out, evaluate and report the experience

Study Tour /Extension Work :

Study Tour of M.S.W. IVth semester students shall be organized for 5 days during 4th semester to the innovative social work projects. The agency visits shall be based on the elective courses chosen by the students. The students shall prepare the reports, on the agency visits during study tour. In unusual situation, extension activity shall be organized in place of study tour.

Viva :
  • At the end of Ist and IVth semester the viva-voce on orientation visits and concurrent fieldwork shall be conducted by internal and external examiner, to assess the performance on knowledge and skill basis
  • Out of the total 25 marks of viva-voce, 10 marks shall be for Orientation Visit Viva and 15 marks for concurrent fieldwork viva.
  • The viva-voce on Social Work Practicum at the end of Ist semester shall be conducted by the internal and external examiner
  • At the end of IInd and IVth semester a comprehensive viva-voce examination shall be conducted by panel of examiners appointed by the University along with internal examiner, based on social work practicum of Ist and IInd sem and IIIrd and IVth semester respectively.
Research Dissertation :

Every student shall complete a research project, commencing at the IIIrd semester and ending at the IVth semester.

Conduct of Research Project:
  • Every student is required to select a topic for research related to the social problems and areas of social work at the end of IInd semester and follow the scientific process and methods of social work research and social research.
  • At the end of IVth semester, the research project shall be submitted in 2 copies, one copy of project signed by the principal shall be returned to the students before the schedule of external assessment & viva-voce.
  • The Research project shall carry in all 150 marks having internal assessment for 100 marks.
  • A viva-voce of 50 marks shall be conducted by external examiner panel of university.
  • In case the student does not perform for research project in regular time schedule, she/ he shall be allowed to complete the research project within forth coming academic year.
  • In case a student fails to fulfill the academic requirements to pass in research project, such students shall have to seek fresh admission by depositing the fees for admission, research project and identity card.

Block Placement (Vocational Training) :

Candidate shall be required to complete one month’s Block Placement within 40 days after examinations of IVth semester and produce a report of work done certified by the concermed organization. It carries 6 credits.

Annual Academic Calendar :-