Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC):-

Sr.No. Designation Eligibility Criteria Name
1 Chairman Head of the Institution 1. Dr. Prakash Jadhav Principal
2 Member Teachers to Representatives to all levels (three to eight) 2. Dr. Arundhati Patil
3. Dr. Nazir Sheikh
4. Dr. Hanumant Salunke
5. Mr. Kisan Shingare, Asst. Prof
6. Ms. Sukeshini Jogdand, Assit. Prof
7. Dr. Vanita Bhagwat Mane
3 Member One Member from the Management 8. Mr. Aniket Lohiya, Secretary, Manavlok, Ambajogai
4 Member Few Senior Administrative Officers 9. Mr. Ashok Kedar (Office Superintendent )
10. Mr. Bibhishan Ghadage, (Sr.Clerk )
11. Mr. Ramdas Kale
5 Member One Nominee Each From Employers/Industrialists/Sta ke Holders 12. Mr. Lalasaheb Agale, Joint-Secretary, Manavlok, (Employers Nominee)
13. Mr. Murlidhar Sopanrao Munde (stakeholders nominee)
6 Member One Nominee Each From Local Society, Student And Alumni 14. Adv. Kalyani Virde (Local Society Member)
15. (P.G Student Representative)
16. Girwalkar Pawan Somnathappa (Alumni Representative)
7 Member One Of The Senior Teacher As The Co-ordinator/Director Or The IQAC 17. Dr. Rama Pande

Manavlok’s College of Social Sciences has been established Internal Quality Assurance Cell in the Year 2012 with the aim of not only to sustain quality but also to enhance it. The cell in the college is playing vital role by taking initiatives to impart and sustain and foster quality with student centered programmes. Every stakeholder in the institution has to play a significant role in imparting, sustaining and fostering quality related activities. In this process IQAC cell of the college is doing its level best to get the proper feedback from the stakeholders like students, Teachers, Alumni and others about the curriculum with regard to content, relevance and whether it is covered within the stipulated time or not. The IQAC in the college is working efficiently and effectively under the chairmanship of Dr. Prakash Jadhav, Principal Manavlok’s College of Social Sciences Ambajogai, coordinator Dr. Rama Pande with other members of the committee by fulfilling the major responsibilities of the cell like to plan and implement several curriculum enrichment programs by arranging invited lectures, Seminars, Workshops and also by sending the faculties to the seminars and workshops
It also communicated the recommendations of the staff members to the chairman of BOS and by it encourages the staff to receive Research Projects from various funding agencies, to attend faculty development programs and other curriculum enrichment programmes.

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Feedback Analysis and Action Taken:-
Action Taken Report of the Feedback Analysis of All the Stakeholders 2017-18 to 2021-2022
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01 Feedback Action Taken Report -Student Link
02 Feedback Action Taken Report -Teacher Link
03 Feedback Action Taken Report -Employers Link
04 Feedback Action Taken Report -Alumni Link
05 Feedback Action Taken Report-Parents Link

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