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Students who are reserved categories, physically handicapped and minorities’ categories can apply for Govt. scholarship. Students should be fill up the form and submitted to the office within end of the August. If the students are not submitted within the time, the university fees will be paid last week of August.


The following Prizes/Awards are offered to students every Year. Dr. D. S. Lohiya and Late Mrs. Shaila Lohiya announced “Matru-Smruti” and “Pitru-Smruti” awards to merit students of the college, who has passed University examination in higher percentage of marks.

  • “Matru-Smruti” award consists of Rs. 1500/- with certificate.
  • “Pitru-Smruti” award consists of Rs. 1000/- with certificate.
  • Grade Awards :
    • A ten point rating scale shall be used for the evaluation of the performance of the student to provide letter grade for each course and overall grade for the Master’s Programme. Grade points are based on the total number of marks obtained by him/her in all the different heads of examination of the course. These grade points and their equivalent range of marks are shown separately in Table – 1.

    • Sr.No. Equivalent percentage Grade points Grade Grade description
      1 90.00 – 100 9.00-10 O Outstanding
      2 80.00 – 89.99 8.00 – 8.99 A++ Excellent
      3 70.00 – 79.99 7.00 – 7.99 A+ Exceptional
      4 60.00 – 69.99 6.00 – 6.99 A Very Good
      5 55.00 – 59.99 5.50 – 5.99 B+ Good
      6 50.00 – 54.99 5.00 – 5.49 B Fair
      7 45.00 – 49.99 4.50 – 4.99 C+ Average
      8 40.04 – 44.99 4.01 – 4.49 C Below average
      9 40 4.00 D Pass
      10 40 0.00 F Fail
    • Non appearance in any examination / assessment shall be treated as the student has secured nil marks in that subject examination / assessment.
    • Minimum D grade (4.00 grade points) shall be the limit to clear / pass the course / subject. A student with F grade will be considered as ‘failed’ in the concerned course and he / she has to clear the course by reappearing in the next successive semester examinations. There will be no revaluation or recounting under this system.
    • Every student shall be awarded Grade points out of maximum 10 points in each subject (based on 10 point Scale.) Based on the Grade points obtained in each subject, Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and then Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) shall be computed. Result will be announced at the end of each semester and cumulative Grade card with CGPA will be given on completion of the course.
    • Computation of SGPA (Semester grade point average) & CGPA (Cumulative grade point average)
    Award of Degree
    • A candidate who has successfully completed all the core courses. Foundation and Elective/Specialized courses and social work practical research dissertation and service course approved by the University for the programme with prescribed CGPA shall be eligible to receive the degree of M.S.W.
    • Every student will have to complete at least 129 credits to obtain the masters degree in Social Work out of which 125 credits shall be from their respective subject and four credits from service courses.
    Other curricular activities
    • Field Action:- The college launches field action project in the communities on different social issues. such as education to right, survey, movement against corruption etc. student and faculty are actively participated in field action.
    • Extension Activity :- With the collaboration of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad the college has started Adult, Continuous and extension services department from 2003. Under the department, various activities are taken by the faculty for the college students and community.
    • Seminar and Group Discussion :- Student will take a selected topic for seminar and he / she has to present in the class room and group discussion will be organized once in a month for sharing of students, views, ideas and current social issues.
    • Collaboration and co ordinations:- College has collaborated with local organization and association for facilitating services to the community. Domestic, worker association, women, pensioners association, Andhashradha Nirmulan Samittee, Muslim Vikas Parishad, Labour Union at Sugar factory and Manavlok etc.
    • Community Services:- SHG formation, Association of farmers and youths, associations of domestic workers (Women), association and coordination with Hamal Mapadi organization, pensioner association etc.
    • Core Course (CC) : A core course is a course that a student admitted to M.S.W. P.G. program must successfully complete as core requirement, to receive the degree. Each core course shall have 03 credits.
    • Foundation Course (FC) : The course that based upon the content that leads to knowledge enhancement
    • Elective Course (ECSW) : Elective course is a course which can be chosen from a pool of papers from the basic subject or specialization
    • Each student shall have to select the elective courses from the list of electives I to IV immediate after the completion of admission process, so as to commence the curriculum of elective courses from I to IV semester.
    • Minimum intake of each elective course should be ten.